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Aside from it’s intriguing history, Silver City is also known for the spirits that reside there as it is listed in the National Directory of Haunted Places. Many speculate that when the historic structures were moved to this location, perhaps they brought the ghosts of their past with them. Over the years there has been a lot of activity to suggest this is true, and many witnesses that have been transformed into believers. Some of the buildings have spirits that we know well, you can learn more about these legends by clicking below. You can also find information on the encounters our staff and visitors have had with them and the other spirits in the town. You might be a believer too!

Spirit Biographies

Wormie Annie Sullivan

“Wormie Annie” Sullivan owned the Ghost Town property over half a century ago. She was called “Wormie Annie” because she sold live worms to anglers in a stand out front and because she had a penchant for wearing clothing with large holes in them. Wormie Annie passed on in her home behind Silver City many years ago. A building sometimes called the “boat house”, is believed to be the location of her worm farm. It is about 100 feet from her former home which is still standing and is said to be haunted itself.


The Prisoner

A prisoner was once incarcerated in Silver City Jail House. In an attempt to break out, he set the jail door on fire and died of smoke inhalation. The spirit of the past prisoner is said to still haunt the jail cell to this day.



Mattie Apalatea

Katherine Apalatea was Francisco “Poncho” Apalatea’s first wife, married around 1850. Poncho raised about 16 children in their home and lost three wives in the process. Mary (aka Mattie”) was the childcare mother and is said to have predicted her own death. Many believe she haunts the Apalatea Burlando house by lifting shot glasses into the air and rocking the “unoccupied” rocker.


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